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Work with CMC roles, Select views (DSR81001)

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On this panel you assign views of information to a CMC role as defined in the Work with DC1 user profiles file. The views are accessed in the Customer Management Console (CMC).



Select Select this option to select a view.
Deselect Select this option to deselect a view.
Select CMC options Select this option to access the CMC option view.

Selection fields

Displays the views set up in your system.

Data set
Displays the data set defined for the view. To further customise your CMC view, an existing data set may be changed.
This field is set to YES if the view is selected for a role. If the field is blank, the information pertaining to the view is not accessible to that user profile.

Work with CMC roles, Deselection (DSR81008)

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This panel displays all the records you want to deselect. Click OK to confirm deselection. Click Back to cancel.