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User defined table key enquiry (CFG289B)

Related topics

This panel displays the details of the selected user defined table key.

The keys are used as search criteria in the user defined tables (see the Work with user defined tables panel) that can be referenced in configurator formulas for calculations of material usage, times per operation and additional prices. User defined tables can also be used in cost model equations to define margin/mark-up of costs to set price of a configurable item.

Function keys

Translate View information from the Table translation file. Displayed fields can be translated to any of the languages registered in the Language table.
The code that identifies the key.
The description of the key.
The key text is used as lead text/column heading in the Work with user defined table, Details panel.
Indicates if the key is active. Active keys can be used in user defined tables.
FRF field name
The reference field name for the key.