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Work with MSDS enquiry (DIR73301)

This is the initial panel for MSDS enquiry. Its structure is designed to allow you to quickly navigate through all levels of information for an MSDS.

When the panel is first displayed you see all existing MSDS (this is the default mode). By entering different search concepts, a selection of MSDS will be displayed in the listing. Selections can be made by MSDS identity, MSDS description, item, item description, CAS number and search value (data in table field). Expand the Selection field section for more information.


Sections Select this option to access a panel from which you can select a section to view.
Display all sections Select this option to display the data defined for all sections.
Display selected If you have used F9 to select specific sections to view, use this option to view the selected sections.
MSDS status Select this option to display the status of the MSDS, i.e. for which language(s) the MSDS is activated.
CAS number Select this option to display CAS-numbers.

Function keys

Set sequence/selection Select and sequence the sections you want view for an MSDS. When the selection is done, you return to this panel and you can use the Display selected option to view the selected sections.
Select language Select the language.

Selection fields

Search field
Enter a field value to only display MSDS containing a field defined with this value. Note: Search values are only created for the data in a field, if the Search field field in the MSDS definition file is set to YES.
Displays the identity of the MSDS.
Depending on the selections made at the bottom the panel, this field displays one of the following:

MSDS description:
If no selections were done, or if selection on MSDS or MSDS description was done, displays the description of the MSDS.

Item description:
If selection was done on Item or Item description, displays the item description retrieved from the Item file.

CAS number description:
If selection was done on CAS number, displays the CAS number description retrieved from the CAS number file.

This field is set to YES if the MSDS is activated for the language selected (displayed in the Language field in the top part of the panel). If the MSDS is not activated for the language displayed, this field is blank.
This field is only displayed if selection was done on Item. Displays the item code.
CAS number
This field is only displayed if selection was done on Cas number. Displays the CAS number.
Lead text
This field is only displayed if selection was done on Search field. Displays the user defined lead text, retrieved from the MSDS definition file. The value entered in the Search field is defined in the field displayed here, for the MSDS displayed.

Work with MSDS enquiry, Basic data (DIR73304)

This panel displays the detailed information for the MSDS you selected on the previous panel.

Function keys

Translate/Show language translations Translate/view the MSDS description in other languages.

Displays the MSDS identification code.

Version date
Displays the date of the version number that had been raised, when the major changes had been done to the document.
Version number
Displays the latest version number of the MSDS document.
Handling status
With a handling status code it is possible to restrict the use of the MSDS. The code can be retrieved from the Handling status table.