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Work with CMC sub-options (DSR80901)

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This panel displays the sub-options that have been set up in your system. Each sub-option is the carrier of system parameters. They are used to call the applicable program in order to retrieve the data required by the previously selected option.

Note: This routine is mandatory. If no sub-option is defined for the option, then no data information can be accessed through the Customer Management Console (CMC).



Selection fields

Displays the view you are working with.
Displays the option selected on the previous panel and for which the listed sub-options are valid.

Work with CMC sub-options (DSR80904)

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On this panel you maintain the sub-options pertaining to a CMC option. The parameters entered in the sub-option allow you to display further detail information when accessing the CMC.

Function keys

Note: The translated version will be displayed in the CMC.

Enter an alias for the sub-option you are creating. It is convenient to establish aliases since it is a more clear description of the sub-option and is easier to remember. The alias can be translated into your own user language.
Enter a valid program name. This program will be called when the sub-option or alias entered on this panel is selected in the CMC.
Program parameter
Optional entry or mandatory depending on whether the program name entered on this panel requires parameters or not. If a parameter is entered, the system will verify if it is correct. See preloaded sub-options for examples.

Work with CMC sub-options, Copy (DSR80905)

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New sub-option

Work with CMC sub-options, Deletion (DSR80908)

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