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Work with item disposal suggestions (DIR50101)

This program allows you to create suggestions that determine which rejected or recalled goods can be:

  • disposed of
  • or returned to their supplier.

When the goods are rejected by quality control they are placed in different locations in the NCC location of your warehouse. These are stored according to stock categories together with their corresponding non-conforming certificates describing the return conditions (or reasons).

This program allows you to generate Item Disposal Suggestions that determine if the returned goods are to be sent back to the supplier (in one or multiple shipments) or whether the goods should be disposed of.

There are also cases in which the returned goods need to be replaced by the supplier. The disposal suggestions can also pre-select item lines and generate Return Purchase Order documents that can be sent to your supplier along with the returned goods. These documents specify which items need to be replaced.

You can also group goods from different NCC locations and stock categories into one suggestion. The Item Disposal Suggestion can also be sent to a disposal company that would handle the destruction of the goods.


Lines Select this option to view/work with the lines.
Create order Select this option to create a new order.

Function keys

Selection fields

Work with item disposal suggestions (DIR50104)

On this panel Item disposal suggestions are defined at the detail level.

Enter the suggestion number.

Business partner
This field is used in conjunction with the Only this supplier field. Enter the supplier code. The Return Purchase Order will be printed for this supplier.
Displays the warehouse where the rejected or recalled goods are stored.

Enter a disposal type indicating the type of goods that are being destroyed.

Currently, only one type is available in the system:

Value Description
1 Item disposal type
Only this supplier
This field is used in conjunction with the Business partner field. Set to this field YES to indicate that the goods could only be returned to the supplier that they were purchased from. Set it to NO if you can return goods purchased from different sources to this supplier.
Creation dated
Displays the date this record was created. This information will be registered by the system once you click OK.

Work with item disposal suggestions, Deletion (DIR50108)