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Maintain workfile electronic banking (DEFD94101)


Related topics

This panel takes in as input the 3-digit workfile ID which is created when the Receive Swift MT 940 from PC-File function is executed and retrieves the data copied to the workfile.

Function keys

Print control list Print a report of the records contained in the workfile.

workfile, ID
A workfile ID is a 3-digit number that is generated when data is transferred from the MT940 file to the workfile and is suffixed to the name of the DEOKBP workfile. For example, if the generated workfile ID is 003, then the corresponding workfile name would be DEOKBP003.

Doc type
Displays the document type of the transaction.
Document number
Displays the document number of the transaction.
Payment amount
Displays the amount paid by the customer.
Displays the payment currency.
Remaining amount
Displays the difference between the payment amount and document amount.
Displays the transaction currency.
Rec no
Displays the record number which is generated by the system. Record numbers are generated for each of the incoming transactions such that the transactions having same document type are assigned consecutive record numbers in a series like 101, 102, 103 and so on. For example:

  • A transaction which has its Debtor number set to 100300 and Document type set to DMI is assigned the record number 101.
  • The next transaction with a different Debtor number (e.g. 100301), but the same Document type (i.e. DMI) is assigned the next consecutive record number in that series, i.e. 102.
  • If the next transaction has a different Document type, then the record number assigned for that transaction would be 201.
  • If the next transaction has the same Document type (i.e. DMI), but the value of Remaining amount differs, then it is assigned a record number of 299.
Del sts
Indicates whether the transaction details are found or not in the respective file. If the details are not found, then this field is updated to D. Otherwise, it is left blank.

Maintain workfile electronic banking (DEFD94103)

Related topics

This panel displays the data retrieved from the workfile. You can also do the following:

  • You can edit the data for further correction/addition of information.
  • You can select the appropriate customer bank.
  • You can delete transferred records.

Function keys

Customer banks Access the Business partner file maintenance, Bank data panel to maintain the customer bank data.
Delete Delete the selected record.

Identifies the customer that is responsible for paying the invoice. The transaction can be linked with any debtor or customer by selecting it from the customer selection window.
Rem amount
Displays the difference between the payment amount and document amount.
Cash disc 1
Displays the amount of the cash discount 1.
Document type
Displays the document type of the transaction. The document type can be changed. Only the pre-defined system document types (FKI, DMI, FKC, DMC) can be processed.
Cash disc 2
Displays the amount of the cash discount 2.
Document number
Indicates the specific document you are working with. The transaction can be attached with a particular invoice or document number by selecting the same from the selection window.
Rem amount, cashd
Displays the remaining amount after the deduction of the cash discounts (if any).
Payment amount
Displays the net amount paid by the customer after the deduction of discounts.
Cash discount
Displays the cumulative amount of the cash discount 1 and cash discount 2. You can further edit this amount.
Payment currency
Displays the currency in which payment has been made.
Outstanding amount
Displays the amount that is calculated while assigning documents to the current payment. It differs from the remaining amount in the sense that the remaining amount is the DC1 standard value retrieved from the A/R transaction file for the current document.
Payment date
Displays the specific date on which the payment has been made. You can change the date, if required.
Transaction currency
Displays the transaction currency of the current document you are working with.
Payment reference
Displays the reference number which is assigned to represent either the debit or the credit side of the payment. Payment reference is a message to the beneficiary about your payment. This field can be further changed to include more information.
Bank identity
Displays the bank identity, or any other bank number referring to this bank.
Displays the debtor’s account number from which payment has been made.
Displays the name of the institution that made the payment.
Displays additional text for the transaction.