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Item analysis list printout (DMR85001)

This panel is the starting point for defining the information you want included on the printout for an analysis of items. The list can be printed for different figures, and is mainly based on the sales statistics.

The number of lines to be printed can be decided on either a fixed number, a limit for the figure selected for sequence or a percentage on the accumulator of the figure selected for sequence.


The sequence you define determines how the information is organised. You can only define one primary sort order for this list. Enter 1 next to one of the following parameters that you want to be the primary sort order.

  • Net sales value
  • Profit margin
  • Stock on hand
  • Profit
  • Quantity
  • Stock turnover
1-ascending 2-descending

Print options

In the fields below you select between different options for printing.

Print item descr.
Indicate if the item description should be printed.
Max number of lines
Enter the maximum number of lines that shall be printed.
Max number of lines
Enter the maximum number of lines that shall be printed.
Max/min value
Enter the maximum or minimum value that shall be printed for the value that is selected for main sequence. If it is maximum or minimum depends on whether it concerns an ascending or a descending selection.
% of total
Enter a percentage to indicate that the list should stop when the accumulator for the value selected for main sequence is this percentage of the total.

Item analysis list printout (DMR85002)

On this panel you select the information to be included in the printout.


  • Item
  • Item group
  • Account group
  • Warehouse
  • Item class
  • Item type
    Note: This field is only displayed if DC1 Manufacturing is installed and activated.
  • Supplier number
  • Customer number
  • Period