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Auto hold batch start (DMR31601)

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This program is used to evaluate your debtors’ unpaid invoices and determine if they have reached the overdue threshold set up in their credit profile. During the evaluation process, the system compares the credit profile’s maximum overdue days/amount combination to the credit time axis, which contains the debtor’s overdue A/R balance. If the overdue balance exceeds the thresholds, the order is put on hold until the overdue A/R balance is resolved. If they are set up with held reason code 12 (Expired credit card authorisation) the system performs a credit check. If their credit profile is set up with a credit stop code, any of the following could occur:

  • the system holds their orders
  • the system disallows new orders
  • the system automatically changes their orders’ terms of payment


  • the system sends the CSRs a warning message at the start of the order entry process for the debtor.

For orders that have been manually released:

  • If the order has been released manually, it will only be held again if the number of Grace days (defined on the Work with held sales orders, Release reasons panel) has passed.
  • If the value of Grace days is zero, then manually released orders will never be held again by this program.

Click OK to submit the program in batch or press F2 to run it interactively.