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Work with stock takes, Stock take control list printout (DMR66001)

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The purpose of printing the stock take control list is to provide a summary document with the accumulated figures for items that have been counted and reported in the Work with stock takes program. All item locations are kept together, which enables you to immediately see if the difference is only between different locations or if it is a real difference between the system and the physical inventory.

A difference amount between stock value and the counted value is printed for every item/batch combination. Furthermore, the list can be sequenced according to the estimated cost value difference in descending order in order to find the items with the biggest difference, so that these can be handled as soon as possible.

The stock take control list can be printed as many times as required.


List number
The stock take list number is automatically retrieved when you select the Print control list option for an open list on the initial Work with stock takes panel. Once on this panel, any of the existing list numbers can be entered manually.
Previous counts
This field is set to YES by default, indicating that you want to print the information from previous counts for each item. Set to NO, if you do not want to print this information.
Difference only
This field is set to YES by default, indicating that you want to print only the item lines with a reported counted quantity different from stock on hand quantity. Set to NO to print all item lines.
Cost difference >
Enter a cost difference. The item line will only be selected if the stock take difference expressed in cost value is greater than the value you enter in this field. If this field is completed, the Difference only field must be set to YES.


For this example, we assume the following:

  1. Three items are selected for stock take
  2. They all have the same standard cost = 75
  3. They will be counted in several locations
  4. All lines will be counted before the calculation is done = 100 %

This is how the total estimated cost difference in % is calculated for a stock take list:

Location Item Stock on hand Counted Difference Estimated cost difference Estimated cost difference in %
OS100 A 48 48 0    
PA200 A 127 122 -5 -375  
Total for: A 175 170 -5 -375 2.22 %
AB300 B 20 21 1 75  
Total for: B 20 21 1 75 0.44 %
OS102 C 30 2 -28 -2100  
Total for: C 30 2 -28 -2100 12.44 %
  • Total stock take list value (175 + 20 + 30) x 75 = 16875
  • Total counted difference (375 + 75 + 2100) = 2550
  • Total estimated cost value difference of the stock take list (-375 + 75 + (-2100)) = -2400

This is how the estimated difference in % is calculated for one line, in this example Item C:

(-2100/16875) x 100 = 12.44%

The total estimated difference % is calculated against the total stock take list value:

(2550/16875) x 100 = 15.11%

This percentage is displayed in the Work with stock takes program when the complete list (100%) has been counted.

List type

This field is set to NO by default, indicating that you want to print only the summary line. Set to YES to print the detail and summary line.
This field is only displayed if the STKOWNER (Stock Ownership) function is activated in the Function control file and is applicable for both the Stock ownership functionality as well as the Contract Managed Inventory functionality (if the DC1 Contract Managed Inventory (CMI) application is activated). If you want to include any internal owners (applicable for the Stock ownership functionality), and/or external owners (applicable for the CMI functionality for Customer Deposit Stock (CDS) and Supplier Consignment Stock (SCS) inventory contracts) on the printout, set this field to YES. Under the Owner column on the printout, the cost centre will be listed for any internal owners and supplier/customer will be listed for any external owners.


This field is set to NO by default, indicating that you want to print the difference in item sequence. Set to YES if you want to print the list with the largest item total difference first.
If the warehouse is activated for DC1 Warehouse Management, you can set this field to YES to sort the stock control list by zone and location.