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Manual application of standing orders (FMR20804)

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In this routine you create the standing orders that are to be applied manually. You select one accounting period to apply at a time.

Accounting period
Enter the accounting period for which you want to apply standing orders. The system proposes the current period. If the voucher type for a group has been closed in advance, that is, before the system’s closing time, it will not appear in the listing of groups to apply for the selected period.

Manual application of standing orders (FMR20801)

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This panel displays the standing order groups that can be applied in the selected period. Shown for each group is the voucher type, last period when applied, and description.

If there are any groups that have not been applied in an earlier period than the selected one, the system will give a message, so that you can go back to the first panel, change period, and apply it.

You will return to this panel after having selected groups to apply. The selected groups are marked with “SELECTED TO APPLY”. You can inactivate a selected group by marking the group with the code for INACTIVE.

To apply the selected standing orders, click Exit to go to the update panel.

Selection fields

Manual application of standing orders (FMR20802)

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This panel displays an overview of all G/L postings in the standing orders group. From this panel you click Apply group to apply the selected standing order. A journal will be created when the G/L is updated with the standing orders.

Function keys

Shift info Toggle between showing the transaction amount, currency, and system amount, or the quantity and quantity code.
Apply group Apply the standing order shown on the panel. You will return to the panel showing all standing orders, where the selected ones are marked out.

Manual application of standing orders (FMR20803)

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This panel displays details for the selected G/L posting. The account number cannot be changed, and the balance of the postings must be zero for the entire group. Note that if your company uses VAT on G/L level, no VAT postings will be created automatically in this routine. You must define them manually as separate postings.

Group identity
Displays the group identity and description of the standing order.
Voucher type
Displays the voucher type of this posting. The voucher type controls the voucher numbering from the voucher number series defined for the type. The system will select the number after last used in the series for all the G/L postings in the standing orders group when the group is applied.
Account part 1-8
Displays the account combination to which the posting will be made when you apply the standing order.

You can enter a text key with a predefined entry text or you can enter free text in this field.

Manual application of standing orders (FMR20805)

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On this panel you set the printout parameters for the printouts produced when applying the standing orders.

Automatically generated reports:

When the G/L postings are updated to the G/L, the following reports will be printed, under the following circumstances: