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Event codes enquiry, History/Error (EDSD11301)

Related topics

On this panel you can view history and error event codes which are used in DC1 Alert Management.

Function keys

History codes/Error codes Toggle between viewing either history codes or error codes. The panel sub-heading indicates the active mode.

Selection fields

This column lists the names of the configured history or error codes.
YES indicates that the event code is currently active and that this event will be logged. NO indicates that entries are not recorded in the History/error log for this event.
This column lists the descriptions of the history or error codes.

Event codes enquiry, Error/History (EDSD11304)

Related topics

On this panel you view the properties of the error or history event codes.

Displays the event code you selected to view.
Indicates if this code is activated. If NO, then no entries will be made in the History/error log for this event. This is only used for those events that may create a log which is far to large. It is recommended that YES be used in most instances, however.
Displays the description of the event code.