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Accounts Receivable

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The DC1 Accounts Receivable (A/R) is a sub-ledger in DC1 Financials where the system processes all your customer accounting transactions. You can operate the A/R as a stand-alone module. However, by integrating it with DC1 Distribution’s invoicing and with the General Ledger, it will attain its full potential. By doing so, the sales order processing, A/R invoice posting and G/L accounting become a single process with minimal involvement. All parts of the system will share the same master files and tables.

The A/R module is very powerful and flexible in its operation. It is full multi-currency with all transactions stored in the transaction currency, the primary currency of the debtor and the system currency.

All customer documents, e.g., statements, reminder letters and interest invoices are all multi-lingual and may be printed in the customer’s own language (most European languages are supported).

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