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Work with banks (BEFD0251)


On this panel you enter additional information regarding a business partner’s bank.

Displays the selected bank.

Text lines
Enter any information regarding the person responsible for the payments, e.g. name, designation, etc.
Letter needed
If the payment is not done via paper, then indicate if a letter with a payment summary must be printed.
Maximum lines
During payment transfers to the bank, the supplier invoice number is put in the announcement field to inform the supplier about the paid invoices. Enter a value to indicate the maximum number of invoices that can be entered in the announcement field. Note: This value is mostly set to 7. A letter can be printed to inform the supplier should the number of paid invoices in a payment order exceed the Maximum lines value.
Activity code
Enter the activity code for this bank.
No series file id
Enter the number series from which the file sequence number is retrieved (see Work with number series for details).
Bilaterale zone
If you are submitting foreign payments via communication or electronic media, then enter the bilaterale zone details.
Bank acc. num. costs
Enter the bank account number used by the bank to charge the cost involved with this payment.
Info for bank
Enter any information which may be required by the bank when submitting the payments.
Enter the language code of the bank. All letters and forms for the bank related with A/P payments will be printed in this language.
CIF number
Enter a correct CIF number for the bank. The CIF number is a number that will be included in a workfile when creating a payment order in TFB format. This number is included in the first record from position 94 to 99.
Totalisation code
Enter the payment totalisation code. It can be either 0 or 1.
Alpha free field 1
Enter free alphanumeric data, which is not used in any of the A/P payment programs.
Numeric free field 1
Enter free numeric data, which is not used in any of the A/P payment programs.
Indicate if the CODA transactions must be processed by the bank.