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Work with order sources (DIR10201)

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This panel displays the existing order source codes and descriptions that have been set up in your system. The order source functionality allows you to track from where an order was created when creating sales orders from the following:

  • Sales order entry
  • Activity Based Pricing
  • Call plans
  • DC1 Requests and Returns
  • DC1 Netstore for web based orders
  • DC1 Mobility


Selection fields

This column lists the order source codes.
This column lists the description of the order source codes.

Work with order sources (DIR10204)

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On this panel you can enter the order source information or change the description.

Function keys

Order source code

Work with order sources, Copy (DIR10205)

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Displays the order source code(s) you selected to copy.

New source
Enter the new order source code that you are creating.

Work with order sources, Deletion (DIR10208)

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