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Work with trading partners, Validation routines (AUDD02701)


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The validation routines are set up via the Work with trading partner validation menu item and used to validate a customer purchase order (CPO). On this panel, you associate the information in the validation routine(s) with the trading partner.

You can attach an existing validation routine to the trading partner, modify or delete the details of a routine. You can also copy the details of one routine to another.


Selection fields

This column lists the validation routines attached to the selected trading partner.
This column lists the descriptions of the validation routines.
Reas code
Displays the order held reason code, if defined for the related validation routine.
Indicates if the validation routine is active or not.

Work with trading partners, Validation routines (AUDD02704)

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On this panel you associate a new validation routine with the selected trading partner or change the details of an already associated routine.

Validation routine
Enter a validation routine, from Work with trading partner validation, that you want to be associated with the selected trading partner.
Hold reason code
Enter an order held reason code, from Work with order held reason codes, for the validation routine. These reason codes are used in the sales and purchase processes to define why an order is held. An order can be held automatically or manually by the user. If held manually, an order held reason code has to be entered, indicating the reason.
Routine active
Indicate if the routine should be active.

Work with trading partners, Validation routines – Copy (AUDD02705)

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Displays the validation routine you selected to copy.
New v/routine
Enter the new validation routine that you want to associate with the trading partner.

Work with trading partners, Validation routines – Deletion (AUDD02708)

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