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Configurator BOM maintenance (CFG028B)

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On this panel you can maintain a configurator bill of material and add the material that should be used in the configuration process.


Note: These options are only displayed in change mode.

Function keys

Work with bill of routing Only used if DC1 Manufacturing is activated. Maintain the configurator bill of routing.
Seq renumbering Renumber the sequence numbers. This is useful if you, e.g., have chosen the material numbers to be in sequence of 10 and you have added a material, between two existing ones, with a temporary number. This function will replace the temporary number with the appropriate number within the sequence.
Bill of material
The code that identifies the configurator bill of material.
The description of the configurator bill of material.
Bill of routing
This field is only displayed if DC1 Manufacturing is installed and activated. The code that identifies the bill of routing for an item or sub-assembly.
The sequence number that is displayed for the component indicates the order in which the structure lines are displayed.
The code that identifies the variable item (configurator parameter) or the fixed item, which is included as component in the bill of material.
The quantity of components to be included in the bill of material.
The code indicates if the component refers to a configurator parameter (variable) or a fixed item.

Valid codes are:

Code Description
V Variable (config parameter)
F Fixed (item)
Indicates if the component item is to be handled as a phantom item in manufacturing orders. Note: If a selected item for product configuration refers to a new bill of material structure (configuration on lower selection levels) a material record for the selected item will only be created on the manufacturing order if phantom item is NO.