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Valid item cross reference types (DIR42601)

This panel is only displayed if DC1 Distribution is installed. The panel displays the item cross reference types which can be used when creating item cross references for this name.

For example:

  1. If this is a customer and you are allowed to set up the customer’s item codes, i.e. creating cross reference to the customer’s item codes, the cross reference type Customer will be set to YES on this panel.
  2. If this is a competitor and you are allowed to set up the competitor’s item codes, i.e. cross reference to a competitor’s item codes, the cross reference type Competitor will be set to YES on this panel.

Item cross references are used in several programs within DC1 instead of the actual item code defined in the Item file. For example, in the sales order entry routine you can enter a customer’s item code, instead of your company’s identification of the item.

When creating item cross references, the item cross reference type needs to be stated. The following item cross reference types applicable for names are pre-loaded:

Type Name
CO Competitor’s item
CU Customer’s item
MA Manufacturer’s item
PR Prospect’s item
VE Vendor/Supplier’s item

The item cross references are within themselves defined in the Item cross reference file, for example, the actual item code of a competitor. The Item cross reference file (i.e. Item cross reference enquiry panel) can be accessed from:

  • this file
  • the Item file enquiry
Displays an alias from the Cross reference type table, indicating the type of cross reference.

The default aliases for the preloaded types are:

Indicates if you are allowed to define this type of item cross reference for this name.