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NetStore Backoffice and Administration

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NetStore is a Java-based application, accessed through the Internet with a standard web browser. The NetStore backend consists of the following:

  • NetStore Backoffice which is the application used to configure settings and data for the NetStore Frontend product. This release of NetStore Backoffice focuses on Enterprise/DC1 products and orders (primarily Product catalogues, Product search, Order entry and Order search).
  • NetStore Administration which is basically a tool for the Server administration, allowing you to, e.g., shutdown the Frontend and send messages to all or specific users.
  • NetStore FrontOffice is an e-commerce application. It integrates with Enterprise/DC1 to give you access to the data available. The FrontOffice application enables you to check in real time availability of stock, products, price, etc. You can also place orders using the FrontOffice application.

A lot of the customisation is performed via NetStore Backoffice, but some requires changes to the UI Code and potentially, even the Java classes.

Most of the data is already prepared (e.g., default user and item search database). As a minimum, you only need to add your user accounts and create your item catalogues. It is, however, recommended that you validate all settings and preloaded data.

The following areas are covered in the instructions:

  • NetStore application management, allowing you to:
    • Customise any preloaded attributes (settings, data restrictions, links, etc.) which ultimately impact the running of the site.
    • Create user accounts, and customise your site per user.
    • Create a multi-lingual environment, thereby offering your customers the possibility to browse your site in their language.
  • Product Management:
    • Allowing you to categorise your products and build product catalogues.
    • Allowing you to generate item-search databases, thereby controlling the items you want to expose.
  • Order Management:
    • Allowing you to manage incoming Internet orders.

For more technical information on specific areas, see the NetStore-related Technical references.

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