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CODA/FINSTA definition table maintenance (BEFD3051)


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This table contains the library, file and member name, or the IFS directory and file name where the CODA/FINSTA file is stored for a particular bank. The CODA/FINSTA file contains transactions of several companies. Therefore, this file is stored at system level. The sequence indicates in which sequence the CODA/FINSTA module must process the different banks.

You can add new, update and view existing CODA/FINSTA definition records.


Selection fields

This column lists the keys of the CODA/FINSTA definition files used to sequence the CODA/FINSTA information retrievals.
This column lists the names of the libraries where the CODA/FINSTA files are stored.
This column lists the names of the files where the CODA/FINSTA information is stored.
This column lists the names of the members where the CODA/FINSTA information is stored.
IFS DirectoryFile
This column lists the IFS Directory paths where the files are stored.

CODA/FINSTA definition table maintenance (BEFD3054)

Related topics

On this panel you add and change the existing records of the CODA/FINSTA file definition table.

Mandatory entry. Indicate the sequence in which the different bank information should be processed by the CODA/FINSTA module. It is the key of the CODA/FINSTA definition file and is used to sequence the retrieval of the CODA/FINSTA information.
Library name
Enter the name of the library where the CODA/FINSTA file should be stored.
Enter the name of the file where the CODA/FINSTA information should be stored.
Member name
Enter the name of the member where the CODA/FINSTA information should be stored. Note: *FIRST is allowed as member name, and if so, then the member name and the file name are the same.
File format
Enter the format in which the file should be stored. Note: If the country is Belgium, then the file format available is just CODA. And if the country is the Netherlands, then the file formats available are GMU and MT940.
If the file is imported from the Isabel SA company, it is possible to store the transfer file of the bank directly in a directory on the iSeries by using a mapped drive. Enter the name of the file directory for the CODA/FINSTA module to retrieve the file from this directory. Note: Transferring the file manually from a PC to the iSeries is not necessary.
Only applicable if the Directory name is entered in the field above. Enter the name of the transferred file, to be stored on the iSeries.
Archive directory
If entered, this directory contains a copy of the original files received from the bank. One of the steps performed in the CODA/FINSTA process is copying the original CODA/FINSTA transaction file (received from the bank) from the normal directory to this archive directory. If the file to process already exists in the archive directory, the CODA/FINSTA process is stopped.