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Batch enquiry, Order reservations (DMR19201)

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This panel displays all reservations against a selected item/batch that have not yet been issued.

Displays the selected item and description.

Displays the selected warehouse.
Displays the selected batch id.
Displays a code indicating the type of order. Valid codes are: 1 (sales order) and 3 (manufacturing order).
Displays the order identity for the reservation.
Displays the customer name for sales orders, and the parent item for manufacturing orders.
Displays the reservation quantity in stock unit. If the unit is equal to the D/E-unit for the item, the quantity could display two units in the same quantity field. The partial units could be displayed with decimal positions for the Display/Entry unit or by a dual display/entry of both the Display/Entry unit and the Stock unit separated by a user-defined delimiter. See About display/entry unit handling for more information.
Res date
Displays the reservation date.