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This is a general tool you can use in the entire DC1 suite for securing data, menus, applications, etc. Security is extremely important in a financial package but it is also important within distribution, manufacturing, warehouse management, time reporting, etc. Access to the database must be restricted to authorised users and the system should make sure that proper data access is enforced.

Defining authority control is very complicated and the settings can vary from being extremely restricted to a very open system. Setting up authority control involves more routines, e.g. maintaining the DC1 user profile table. However, one of the most important routines when maintaining authority control is Work with authority groups. More examples of how to use this routine is described in About setting up and working with authority control.

The object security function can be implemented for many DC1 objects. For example:

  • Application
  • Programs
  • Menus
  • Menu items
  • Account parts
  • Account combinations
  • Summary identifications

In DC1 Financials access security includes functionality for restricting users from accessing functions for which they do not have authorisation, but also place restrictions on accessing, for example, specific accounts or account combinations.

The system pays particular attention to data integrity and security. The system validates all transactions you post at the time of entry for accuracy. Accounting rules and conventions are strictly observed and all processed transactions create a log file record that acts as the system’s own audit trail. You can introduce additional security controls to restrict user access to certain functions or accounts, and to record who made changes to the database.

DC1’ close co-operation with the world’s leading accountancy practices ensures that DC1 Financials conforms to the accepted standards of processing control and system security. Quality assurance reviews confirm that the system meets required standards of accounting control and provides compliance with international legal requirements. The EU reporting functionality assures that the required transactions that should be reported through the Intrastat document, are retrieved correctly.

DC1 contains several design features, which were built into the application to ensure that you can restrict access to the database to authorised users only.

Access security is determined at a number of levels:

  • Standard AS/400 – iSeries – system security that includes up to five security levels.
  • SECUR, a DC1 system operation tool that restricts users from access to functions for which they do not have authorisation.
  • Extended Account Security allows security for specific accounts and account combinations, preventing unauthorised users from accessing sensitive account information. This security is based on DC1’s general security module that has the following key characteristics:
    • Works with individual users and/or group profiles.
    • User definition of which account parts, summary identity codes, summary levels and account file maintenance are to be checked for authorisation.
    • Ability to exclude a user/group profile from the authority checking by assigning “all object authority”.
    • Provide an authority check through a single common program.


The system’s security features are enhanced by DC1 DataBase Audit Manager (DBAM) which enables greater control to be kept over sensitive information. If DBAM is applied a record is kept indicating both specific database changes and the user who made them. See About using DC1 DataBase Audit Manager (DBAM) for more information.


Templates can be used for maintaining and adding records in the Item file and Business partner file. Security can be placed on templates to enhance the protection of data in these files. See Restrict the use of an item template, Restrict the use of a customer template, and Restrict the use of a supplier template for more information.

DC1 Report Writer

Security can also be placed on reports, report groups and report versions created using DC1 Report Writer. See Secure a report, Secure a report group, and Secure a report version for more information.

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