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Configurator BOR maintenance, Conformity criteria (CFG029G)

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On this panel you can connect one or several conformity criteria to an operation in the configurator BOR. When manufacturing orders are created, the included criteria will be copied to the manufacturing order operation and be printed on the operation cards as informational text. Note: The available conformity criteria are set up in the Item conformity criteria table.


Select/De-select Select this option to select or de-select conformity criteria to be connected to the operation.

Function keys

All/Only included Toggle between displaying all existing criteria or only those that are marked to be included.

Selection fields

Bill of routing
The code and description that identify the configurator bill of routing.
Operation number
The operation number.
The code from the Item conformity criteria table identifies the conformity criteria that is used in the item conformity groups to describe exact details to which items must conform.
The description of the conformity criteria.
Indicates if the criteria is included in the operation.