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DI QUOTES/PRICAT retrieval, Confirm/generate RFQ (DIR57401)

In this routine you process Supplier quotations and Price catalogues received from your suppliers through DI.

The only acceptable changes to a Supplier quotation are to Delivery date, Quantity and Price.

When retrieving a supplier quotation, the corresponding request for quote will be updated with the quotation. When retrieving a price catalogue, no corresponding request for quote needs to exist in the Request for quote file. A request for quote will be created automatically when the price catalogue is retrieved.

This program can be run in batch or interactively. If you run this program interactively, which means clicking F2 on this panel, any panel containing erroneous information (or if information is missing), will be prompted for you to complete. If no errors are found when you execute this job, the Supplier quotation in DC1 Distribution is updated with the information from the Supplier quotation/Price catalogue.

Regardless of whether you run this program in batch or interactively, you can obtain a separate printout of those supplier quotations containing errors (i.e. quotations that cannot be accepted by the system), and a separate printout for the quotations that do not contain errors.

You can run a simulation of this program. This means all validation controls are performed, but the Supplier quotation in DC1 Distribution is not updated. This enables you to check that all the relevant parameters in DC1 Distribution are set properly before updating the Production files.


  • Creation date
  • Supplier number
  • DI RFQ number
  • Method name
  • Method subtype

Retrieval rules

Indicate if Supplier quotations should be processed.
Price catalogue
Indicate if Price catalogues should be processed.
Inc prv proc w error
Set this field to YES if you want to process those Supplier quotations/Price catalogues that contained errors during validation. Set it to NO if you do not want to include those documents that contain errors. Note: Those documents that contain errors remain in the system until you correct the errors or delete the documents.
Indicate if you want to simulate this validation. This allows you to perform all validation controls for this selection, without updating the Supplier quotations in DC1 Distribution.
Print appr. quotes
Indicate if you want to obtain a printout of all Supplier quotations/Price catalogues that are correct, i.e. no errors found.
Print rejected quot
Indicate if you want to obtain a printout of all Supplier quotations/Price catalogues that have been rejected during this validation.