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Sundry Invoicing

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The DC1 Sundry Invoicing Procedure (SIP) module is an easy and fast invoice entry routine used to create invoices which are not related to items within DC1 Distribution.

The Sundry invoicing routine incorporates:

  • Creation of invoice templates used for, e.g., recurring invoices.
  • Specification of default values for invoice lines (via sundry invoice codes).
  • Extensive possibilities to enter default values for header and footer texts on invoice headers and invoice lines, both for your company and for specific invoices and lines.
  • If EU reporting is activated for the customer, then statistical information can be entered for a transaction.
  • Invoices can be sent on paper, by email, or fax. Both normal DC1 printout programs and Adobe Output (former Jetform) are available in the routine for printing both preliminary and final invoices. Final invoices can be printed more than once and will then be labelled Duplicate.
  • Program for transferring transactions to DC1 Financials.
  • Programs for closing SIP accounting periods and reorganizing SIP files.

DC1 Financials must be installed and activated. Several tables and files are involved in the running of the SIP module. These must be set up first. See Setting up sundry invoicing for more information.

Enquiries and printouts

  • SIP control file enquiry
  • SIP document types enquiry
  • Sundry invoice codes enquiry
  • Sundry invoices enquiry
  • A/R transactions enquiry
  • Sundry invoice codes printout
  • Print preliminary/final sundry invoices

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