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Landed costs (DIR64601)

This panel displays the standard landed costs calculated for the item in this warehouse.

Function keys

Displays a landed cost type from the Landed cost type table, indicating the cost type used to calculate the landed cost.

Displays the standard cost for this landed cost type in this warehouse. The standard cost is based upon details held against the main supplier, such as country on the supplier’s dispatch address and manner of transport, combined with details held against the item, such as commodity code and item shipment group. Note: Standard costs are not calculated for cost types whose cost allocation method is VA (value).
Displays the actual average cost for this landed cost type in this warehouse. The value in this field is re-calculated each time the item is received in this warehouse.

The average cost is calculated as:



EAVC: is the value of this field before the actual reception
SOH: is the quantity on hand of the received item, before the actual reception
LCPI: is the landed cost value in system currency for a single stock unit
RQTY: is the quantity in stock units that is received in the actual reception