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Sales quotation maintenance, Quotation address (DIR40101)

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This panel displays the Quotation address information for the customer, retrieved from the Business partner file.

Function keys

Display reporting currency View the amount(s) in system currency and reporting currency. Note: Only displayed if a reporting currency is defined in Work with companies and if it has a fixed exchange rate, i.e. Fixed exchange rate is set to YES in Work with currencies for this currency.
The customer number and description.

In Copy mode it indicates the customer number and description of the source being copied.

Quot value
Indicates the total value of the quotation lines, after deduction of quotation header discount, and including VAT (if applicable). Free-of-charge quotation lines are not included.
Quot type
Displays the quotation type selected on the initial panel.

Permitted values:

Code Description
1 The quotation normally results in an order when the quotation is accepted.
2 The quotation normally results in a contract.
3 This quotation type is used to identify a service quotation and can only be specified if DC1 Service is installed.
4 This quotation type is similar to type 1, but it does not allow lost sales processing.

Note: When a type 4 quotation is copied to a sales order, the quotation line(s) remains open and can be copied again to a new sales order. Therefore type 4 can be used as a template.

Cred limit
Indicates the debtor’s credit limit (in system currency).
Quotation no
The quotation number. In Copy mode it denotes the quotation number of the source being copied.
Indicates your customer’s total order quotation balance (in system currency). Note: If the debtor is not your customer, then the value displayed in this field represents the debtor’s total balance and not the customer’s.

+ A/R – A/P balance

+ Invoiced not transf

+ Open orders

–  Received payments

= Total balance

This field is highlighted if the credit limit is exceeded. An authorised employee must then take necessary actions to release it for further processing.

Note: This field cannot display amounts greater than 9999999999,999. If the amount exceeds this value, then only the last 10 digits will be displayed.

Note: Only the displayed value will be truncated. The full amount will be correctly updated to the database.

Displays the customer’s main address from the Business partner file, but can be changed. This address is used as the quotation address.

Enter the number of the quotation address in the first field. After clicking OK, the predefined text for this number is displayed in the address text line fields.

Address category
Optional entry. Enter an address category from the Address category table. If a sales restriction exists with this address category as a sell to key, the sale to this delivery address will be restricted. The handling of the quotation is dictated by the degree of severity placed on the sales restriction. See Work with restricted sales for more information.
Enter the code from the County table indicating the county in which the customer/supplier is located.

This field is only displayed if the EU reporting function is activated. Displays in which country the address is located. Note: If changing the country manually, you must enter 999 in the Address number field on this panel.
E-mail address
Only displayed if DI document QUOTES is activated under DI method ACCEMAIL for the customer in the Business partner file. If an e-mail address to which DI QUOTES should be sent is defined for the customer (i.e. Business partner file/DI documents panel, in the Send address field), then it is defaulted, but can be changed. If the field is blank, enter the applicable e-mail address or click the prompt icon to select one from a list of this customer’s activated contacts. See Assign a client type to an external contact for more information.