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Work with outbound shipments, Order assignment, Sales orders/Pick lists (DIR39301)

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This panel forms part of the Order assignment functionality. From this panel you are able to manually assign sales orders or pick lists to the selected outbound shipment. If you toggle Sales orders/Pick lists, then the panel sub-heading and the column heading differ accordingly.

Function keys

Sales orders/Pick lists You can only toggle this key if orders are not yet assigned to the selected shipment. Toggle to switch entry mode, i.e. assign either sales orders or pick lists. The panel sub-heading and the column heading differ accordingly.
Re-assign Only available if orders are already assigned to the selected shipment. In the situations where it is necessary to include several orders in sequences between already assigned orders, then you can open up the panel to re-assign the sequential order by using this key.

Enter the applicable orders in the correct sequential order. Note that once you are in Re-assign mode, all existing records in the Outbound shipment lines file and in the Assigned orders file will be deleted. When everything is deleted, a new order assignment will take place based on the current information on this panel.

Shipment no
Displays the shipment number and description of the outbound shipment for which order assignment is carried out.
Displays the warehouse from which the shipment will be dispatched.
Disp date
Displays the date that the goods will be dispatched to your customer.
Displays the manner of transport indicating how the goods will be transported to your customer.

In this column, sequence numbers in intervals of 10 are listed. Scroll if you need more.
Sales order/Pick list
In this column, you enter the sales order numbers or pick list numbers that you want to assign to the shipment. Before you enter any numbers, toggle Sales orders/Pick lists to select the correct entry mode. You assign the orders one by one for each sequence number. The sales order type used must be defined for Shipment preparation.

The delivery sequence will be assigned to the addresses in the order that the sales order/pick list numbers are entered on this panel.

When you click OK on this panel after entering the applicable order numbers, then all lines on the entered orders that are not previously assigned to any outbound shipment, and have an allowed order line status (if defined on the specified shipment type) will be added to the outbound shipment.

If orders already are assigned to the shipment, then the related sales order/pick list numbers are listed in this column.