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Product configuration, Bill of material (CFG041B)

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The purpose of this program is to display the generated bill of material at product configuration. Depending on the values of the attributes given on the attribute entry panel the configurator will search and select component items and calculate their quantities. On this panel selected component items are indicated with an asterisk (*).


Select Select this option to select alternative component items for a variable component (configurator parameter).
Text Select this option to maintain/view configurator item text for a selected component item.
Time axis Select this option to view the time axis for a selected component item.

Note: The Change, Delete and Text (maintenance mode) options are only valid if the material line is allowed to be changed according to the Configurator bill of material table. Option Delete is not valid if the material line is mandatory according to the Configurator bill of material table.

Function keys

Shift curr Only displayed if a reporting currency is defined in Work with companies and if the currency defined has a fixed exchange rate, i.e. the Fixed exchange rate field is set to YES in Work with currencies for this currency.

Shift between system currency and reporting currency.

Bill of routing Only used when DC1 Manufacturing is activated.

Display the generated bill of routing.

Material/capacity Not used for configuration of MDC sales orders. Only allowed for produced items and if the item is specified to check availability according to the item’s bill of material, bill of routing and/or the sales and operation plan.

Start the Material/Capacity clearance enquiry.

Accept Accept the configuration for this selection level.

Note: A component item must be selected for mandatory structure lines in order to accept the configuration.

Selection level
The current selection level for the configuration.
The item to be configured on the current selection level.
Quantity stock unit
The quantity on which the configuration is based.
The currency for this configuration.
Bill of material
The code that identifies the configurator bill of material that is used for this configuration.
The sequence number that indicates the order in which the structure lines are displayed.
Component item
Shows an asterisk (*) and the item number if a component item is selected, otherwise the configurator parameter code is displayed.
The calculated quantity of components to be included in the bill of material.
This field is only relevant when DC1 Manufacturing is activated. The calculated price (additional charge) for the component item. This price will be added to the sales price for the configured product. Note: Additional price is only added if Pricing is set to 1 (Additional price) for the configurator item.
The available date for the component item. Note: Available date is only displayed at configuration from sales order or project.
Indicates if there is a configurator text connected to the component item. If text exists this will be copied to the configured product when all selection levels are accepted.
Indicates if the component item is to be handled as a phantom item in manufacturing orders. Note: If a selected item at product configuration refers to a new configurator bill of material (configuration on lower selection levels) a material record for the selected item will only be created on the manufacturing order if phantom item is NO.