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Invoice journal printout (DMR35001)

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The purpose for printing the invoice journal is to obtain a list of the invoices that have not been transferred to DC1 Financials. Only one total line is printed for each invoice.

A total line displays, e.g. the total invoice amount excluding VAT, the total VAT amount and the total invoice amount including VAT.

On this panel selection can be made to initiate several routines after the printing of the invoice journal.

Transfer all trans
This field is set to NO by default. Keep this NO setting if neither the invoice accounting transactions, or any other transactions ready for transfer to the General Ledger in DC1 Financials, should be transferred. Set this field to YES if all transactions should be transferred. This means that even those accounting transactions created in other routines than just the Print invoice routine will be transferred. (For example, transactions created when purchase orders are received).
Transfer A/R trans
This field is set to NO by default. Keep this NO setting if the invoices should not be transferred to the Accounts Receivable in DC1 Financials. If you set this field to YES, the invoices will be transferred. In addition, all accounting transactions belonging to the invoices will also be transferred to the General Ledger in DC1 Financials.
Print trans sum list
This field is set to YES by default. Keep this YES setting if you want to print the Accounting transactions list. This list prints information about all accounting transactions transferred. For example, which accounts are credited/debited in DC1 Financials, amount, voucher number, document number, etc. Set this field to NO if you do not want to print this list.