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Work with item price calculations (DMR73201)

Every calculation model should refer to a corresponding Template, where the formula for the actual calculation is defined. The template also determines from where the calculation’s value shall be retrieved or updated (e.g., the purchase price in the Item file or a default value, etc.). The calculation is created based on the information defined in the corresponding Template for a specific interval of items.

Within each calculation model, both header information and item line information is to be defined.

Selection fields

Work with item price calculations, Header maintenance (DMR73203)

The calculation header information is to be defined on this panel. Such information includes the calculation model id and description and whether this calculation model is to be secured from user access.

Function keys

Create calculation Access the panel where the creation of the calculation is initiated.
Calculation security Upon completion of the calculation code, description for this calculation model and the Secure field set to YES, click this function key to define the security limits of user access of the calculation model, (i.e. define those user’s authorised to maintain this calculation model).
Delete To delete a calculation model. Note: A deletion is not allowed if the calculation model is secured.


This field is set to NO by default, meaning that all users have access to this model. If you set this field to YES, the user id in the User field automatically has authority to maintain this calculation model. Other users to be granted authority can also be defined by clicking Calculation security. If you change to a NO setting, no other users but the one who created the model (i.e. in the User field) can be defined having user access for this calculation model. Indicate if this calculation model is to be secured from user access.
Displays the user id of the person who created this calculation model, and cannot be changed. This user automatically has authority to maintain this calculation model.
Creation date
Displays the date when this calculation model was established, and cannot be changed.
Calculation date
Optional entry. If a calculation date is entered, it has to be higher than the current date. It is used to retrieve the price/cost according to the calculation date. It is also used as a default From date value when on the panel for update of operational files (i.e. Update item prices).
This field can be used for any additional information that may be relevant for this calculation model.

Work with item price calculations, Items (DMR73204)

This panel displays the item codes and descriptions contained in the calculation model, for which prices are established in the Item file.

Several functions can be accessed from this panel, e.g., the maintenance of the calculation header and/or selection of all items within the calculation model. It is also possible to do a mass update of a calculation model.

A mass update can be used, e.g., to increase the purchase price with 5% or change a specific exchange rate for an interval or group of items for which a calculation model exists.

Function keys

Select all items Select all defined items.
Calculation header Access the calculation header.
Mass update Access the mass update function.

Selection fields