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Work with inbound shipments, Select purchase order lines (DIR66301)

On this panel you select the purchase order lines to be included in the shipment. You can only select purchase order lines with status 20 or 25 and which should be received in the warehouse defined on the shipment header. In addition, if the Landed cost req field is set to YES on the shipment header, the order has to be defined with a terms of delivery code which also requires landed cost, and vice versa. Otherwise the order line is not displayed.

Purchase order lines included in another shipment cannot be selected, on condition that the whole quantity is included in that other shipment. If only part of the quantity on an order line is included in another shipment, you can select the order line on this panel but only the remaining of the quantity will be included in this shipment.

Return orders cannot be included in the shipment.

When a line is selected, the Sel column is set to YES. When you have selected all lines, click Add sel lines to shipment to add the lines to the shipment.

Note: You cannot mix BtB order lines with direct delivery with “normal” order lines or BtB order lines with transit delivery.


Select Select this option to select an order line.
Exclude If an order line has been selected (the Sel column is set to YES) and you want to regret the selection, use this option.
Display Select this option to view detailed information.

Function keys

Add sel lines to shipment Add the selected line(s) to the shipment.

Selection fields

Work with inbound shipments, Confirm selected lines (DIR66304)

This panel displays the order lines selected to be included in the shipment. Click OK to confirm or Back to regret.

Warning, Selections have been made (DIR66307)

This window is displayed if you have selected lines and you exit the panel by clicking Exit or Back. Set to YES if you want to exit without adding the lines to the shipment. Set to NO to return to the Select purchase order lines panel and continue to select lines.