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A/P invoice autom matching validation, All documents (FLR28801)

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On this panel you are able to view documents that are transferred from the General interface files to the A/P transaction files and have been validated in the process.

Note: The default view of this panel displays all transferred documents. If you toggle All documents/Exclude goods not received, then documents containing lines that have been rejected due to goods not received will be excluded. The subheading of the panel is changed accordingly indicating the active mode.

If the A/P invoice automatic matching routine is activated in your system (Inv autom matching is YES in the A/P control file), then this panel displays the A/P invoices that were rejected during the validation process. All rejected invoices are displayed. They can either be manually matched, or the lines in error may be corrected in the Work with A/P invoice lines for automatic matching routine (use the Lines option on this panel, if you are in Maintenance mode). You can then manually start the automatic matching through the Automatic matching of A/P invoice lines routine.

If the automatic matching routine is not activated in your system, then all documents that are transferred and validated will be displayed, even though they do not contain any errors. They are only shown here as being not yet matched.


Document error Select this option to display the document errors.
Lines Select this option to work with invoice lines connected to the selected document. All lines will be available; correct ones as well as lines in error which can be corrected. Note: In Enquiry mode you are only able to view the lines and the line errors.

Function keys

All documents/Exclude goods not received Toggle to display all documents or to exclude documents containing lines that have been rejected due to goods not received.

Selection fields

Displays the document type.
Doc no
Displays the document number.
Doc date
Displays the document date.
Displays the supplier of the document.
Displays the amount of the document.
Displays the currency of the document.
Doc err
Indicates if document errors exist.
Line err
Indicates if invoice line errors exist.

A/P invoice autom matching validation, Document errors (FLR28804)

Related topics

This panel displays document details and the error(s) that prevented the document from being matched with the related purchase order lines after validation.

Displays the supplier of the selected document.
Displays the document type and number.
Document date
Displays the document date.
Due date
Displays the due date of the document.
Supplier invoice dte
Displays the supplier’s invoice date.
Supplier invoice no
Displays the supplier’s invoice number.
Transaction currency
Displays the transaction currency of the invoice.
Original amount
Displays the original amount in transaction currency.
Remaining amount
Displays the remaining amount in transaction currency.


In this section, the applicable error codes are listed followed by a text describing why the document was rejected. See Error codes on invoice level for more information.