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Work with notes, Select note type (GDMD18001)

Note: This panel may be displayed in either Maintenance or Enquiry mode. The panel heading differs accordingly.

This program is used to enter the text for notes. Notes are used in sales, service, purchase, work and manufacturing order programmes, as well as after-sales support programmes, and are used to add notations (or “messages”) to these.

The following note types are preloaded:

Note type Description
10 Sales order notes.
20 Purchase order notes.
40 Manufacturing order notes.
50 Service order notes.
60 BPR related notes.
70 Additional notes on invoice.
80 Proof of delivery note on invoice.
DB Direct billing related notes.
TH DSCSA Transaction history.
TS DSCSA Transaction statement.


Select Select this option to create a note type.

Selection fields

Note type
This column displays the preloaded code for the note type.
This column displays the description of the note type.