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Select non-conformity certificate (DMR97801)

This window can be called from the Sales order line, Sales quotation line and Customer service enquiry to be able to select the NCC number for the usable NCC stock. If the customer does not accept NCC goods, a message is displayed.


Select Select this option to select the NCC number.

Selection fields

The item code and description.
The sales unit in which all quantities are displayed.
Requested quantity
Only displayed if requested quantity was passed to this program.
Inventory contract
This field is only displayed if the DC1 Contract Managed Inventory (CMI) application is activated and the sales order line is connected to an SCS- or Logistic SCS inventory contract. Displays the inventory contract and inventory contract line to which the NCC number is connected.
NCC number
This column displays the Non-conforming certificate number for the usable NCC stock.
Qty on hand
This column displays the rejected quantity on hand for the displayed NCC number.
Qty on S/O
This column displays the reserved quantity which is calculated as:

Qty on sales order + Quantity on pick list
If you accessed this panel to change the NCC number, this column is set to YES for the NCC number that is currently assigned.
Available qty
This column displays the available quantity on the specific NCC which is calculated as:

Quantity on hand – Quantity on sales order – Quantity on pick list
This column displays the warehouse in which the available NCC quantity is stored.