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Cash book, Balance list printout (FSR45501)

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In this routine you order a printout of Cash book balances and/or transactions. Total balances in bank currency are printed per bank for the selected accounting period. The information will be sequenced as follows:

  • by bank
  • by document date
  • by value date

Subtotals are printed for each bank. The list can be printed as follows:

  • With totals, meaning that only the bank closing balances will be printed, or
  • Detailed, which means that the detailed list showing Cash book transactions connected documents, i.e. reconciliation and difference documents, will be printed.

Enter 1 to sequence the report by bank and document date or 2 to sequence by bank and value date.


  • Bank
  • Period
  • Document date
  • Value date

List type

Set to YES to print detailed information for all selected documents. If you set to NO, then only closing balances will be printed.