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Work with item classif layout codes (DMR09801)

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This file comes preloaded with the layout codes that can be used in the Work with item classification definitions file to create a layout definition. A layout definition is used to dynamically build the applicable description(s)/item code based on characteristics and other available values for the characteristic declared within the layout. The description(s)/item code can then be automatically generated when you apply the Item classification definition to create an item. Note: The AUTITEMC (Automatic item code) function must be activated in the Function control file to be able to generate an item code.

Supported layout codes are:

  • 01 (Item description)
  • 02 (Extended item description)
  • 03 (Internal item description)
  • 04 (Item foreign description)
  • 05 (Item code)


Selection fields

Work with item classif layout codes (DMR09804)

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On this panel you can change the Description of the preloaded layout code.

Item layout code
Displays the preloaded item layout code.
Displays the preloaded description for the item layout code, which can be changed.
Multiple languages
Indicates if multiple languages are allowed for the information generated for the item layout code. If set to NO, the system language is used by default. No translations, if any have been defined for the characteristic, will be retrieved. If set to YES, any translations that were defined for the characteristic being used in the layout will be retrieved and one record per translated language will be generated.