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Product configuration, Component item selection (CFG041D)

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The purpose of this program is to select component items at product configuration. On this panel all possible component items, for a specific configurator parameter, are displayed. Note: The configurator will only select possible component items that match stated attribute values on the attribute entry panel.


Select Select this option to select a component item.
Text Select this option to view the configurator item text for a selected component item.
Time axis Select this option to view the time axis for a selected component item.

Selection fields

Selection level
The current selection level for the configuration.
The item to be configured on the current selection level.
Quantity stock unit
The quantity on which the configuration is based.
Bill of material
The code that identifies the configurator bill of material that is used for this configuration.
Sequence number
The sequence number that is registered in intervals of 10 indicates the order in which the structure lines are displayed.
Component item
This column displays the code and description that identify the component item.
This column displays the calculated quantity of components to be included in the bill of material.
This column displays the calculated amount (additional charge) for the component item.
This column displays the available date for the component item. Note: Available date is only displayed at configuration from sales order or project.
This column denotes if there is a configurator text connected to the component item. If text exists for a selected component item this will be copied to the configured product when all selection levels are accepted.
This column denotes if lower selection levels exist for this component item.
This column displays the allocation warehouse from the Configurator bill of material.