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Purchase suggestion selection (DMR71001)

Note: This program is not relevant if DC1 Inventory Control is installed and activated because DC1 Inventory Control has its own purchase suggestion function. If DC1 Inventory Control is activated, and you try to execute this program, you will receive an error message.

This is a program for creating purchase suggestions. It determines on what basis the purchase suggestion should be created, to be used in the purchasing module. The purchase suggestion created can be printed via the Print purchase suggestion program.

The suggestions can then be referenced in the purchasing module according to list numbers and line numbers. The lines can be accepted and copied into a purchase order.

The calculation of the suggested quantity to purchase is based on the:

  • Default purchase unit in the Item/Supplier information file (DMR00404).
  • Conversion factor and Number of decimals for the purchase unit in the Item/Units file (DMR00803).
  • Purchase pack size in the Item/Purchase prices file (DMR01004).

The calculated suggested quantity to purchase is rounded to even purchase pack sizes by dividing the suggested quantity by the pack size. If there is a remainder during this division, the suggested quantity will be raised to the nearest multiple of pack sizes.

For example:

Suggested quantity = 104
Pack size = 10
Division = 104 divided by 10 = 10.4
Remainder = 0.4
The suggested quantity will be raised to 110
(i.e. 10.4 raised to 11 times 10 = 110).


  • Responsible
  • Supplier number
  • Item group
  • ABC code
Extra planning days
Enter the extra planning days that the system shall use when producing the purchase suggestion.