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Find specification (CVTD4101)

On this panel you enter the name of a conversion specification to see in which conversion sets it exists. Selecting the conversion specification will access the Work with specification (CVTD3001) panel.


Select Select this option to select a specification.

Function keys

F1 Switch between displaying Subset, Identity, PTF, Modification number and Changed date, Target file clear YES/NO, Run specification YES/NO, Attempt copy file YES/NO, Bespoke program
F13 This function key is used to repeat an option entered for a record in a list. Enter an option next to a record and press F13. The option entered will be repeated from this record and downward to the end of the list. Note: The option will be repeated for all records in the list, i.e. not only for the records you see on the current page, but for all the records on the subsequent pages.

Specification name
Enter the name of the specification for which the relevant conversion sets shall be displayed.
Enter the subset for which the relevant conversion sets shall be displayed. If you leave this field blank, all conversion sets where the specification in the Specification name field is used, regardless of the specification subset, are displayed.