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Rebuild balances selection (ANLD45001)

This panel displays all Balance groups which are possible to rebuild according to Balance group definitions.

Indicate if you want to rebuild the Balance types for this balance group. It is possible to select more balance groups. On the next panel you will specify the balance types that should be rebuilt.
From period
Mandatory entry. Displays the period to rebuild from. This period is retrieved from the Transaction file, but can be changed.

Note: The following applies if you want to rebuild the GLBAL, APBAL, and/or ARBAL balance group(s):

  • For the balance groups, normally the suggested period should be used.
    It is not possible to change to the period earlier than the proposed one.
  • For the balance groups, it is possible to leave the From period field blank.
    If done, all historical balances are deleted and rebuilt based on existing transactions.
    For GLBAL, the oldest balance will be created for the first stored period; balances for periods prior to that period cannot be recreated.
Displays the description of the Balance group.

Rebuild balances selection, Select balance types (ANLD45004)

This panel displays all the balance types from the System balance type table within the balance group(s) that were selected on the previous panel. If more balance groups were selected, the balance types will be sorted according to the balance group.

Displays the balance type number.
Displays the description of the balance type.
Displays the alias of the balance type.

Rebuild balances selection, Confirm job (ANLD45007)

This panel displays the previous selections you have made.

Start update at
Enter the start time for when you want this job to start and click OK. Otherwise leave this field blank and click OK to run the job immediately.