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Create disk (DEFD10401)


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This program displays the records that are ready to be transferred to the IFS from the A/P payment proposal control file.

Function keys

Change view Toggle to view processed records, unprocessed records, or all records.

This column lists the identities of the banks for which the transactions are recorded.
This column lists the payment processing types for each of the corresponding records.
Indicates if the corresponding record is transferred to the IFS or not.

The following codes apply:

Code Description
0 Not transferred
1 Transferred
Crt Dat
This column lists the creation dates of the corresponding transactions.
Prc Dat
This column lists the processing dates of the corresponding transactions.
This column lists the names of the files that are created on the iSeries for each of the records.
Displays the transaction type of the corresponding transaction.

The following types apply:

Code Description
I Domestic
A Foreign
This column lists the currencies of the corresponding transactions.