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System translation file maintenance (ASTD32101)

The purpose of this program is to translate the key values, within the various System files, into the applicable language. You can also access this panel directly via the applicable System file program, by clicking Translate. If you do so, the top part of the panel will be loaded with correct information.

Note: When translating the records you must keep the less than, greater than signs and the variable.

System file
Enter the system file name. An example is SROMOP (for the Menu option table).
Enter the field name. An example is MOMOPD (in the Menu option table).
Table key value
Enter the key value. An example is DM001 (in the Menu option table).
Enter the subset to which the system file translation belongs.

Displays the activated language codes from the Language table, which represent the languages in which the key value can be translated.
Translated value
Enter the translated text per applicable language code. An example of translated text for a key value is Work with items. The ยค symbol represents the maximum number of characters, which means you can only type text to the left of this symbol.