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CODA/FINSTA routine table enquiry (BEFD3111)


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The CODA/FINSTA routine table contains the different routines used for processing the CODA/FINSTA interface files. For each routine, a default document type is defined. A program name is always linked with a routine to process the transactions related with the routine.

The following three types of routines (each linked to a different program) are pre-loaded:

Routine Description Program name
APP Enter A/P payments BEFR351
ARP Enter A/R payments BEFR352
GL Enter G/L transactions BEFR353


Selection fields

Unique code representing the CODA/FINSTA routine.

CODA/FINSTA routine table enquiry (BEFD3114)

Related topics

Using this panel you can view the existing information of a CODA/FINSTA routine.

Displays the code representing the CODA/FINSTA routine.
Document type
Displays the default document type to be used for this routine if transactions are created in DC1 Financials. The document type entered here is validated against the Work with document types program.
Program name
Displays the program name used in processing the CODA/FINSTA transaction records related with this routine. See the CODA/FINSTA transaction code table for more information.
Policy mandatory
The status indicates if a settlement policy is mandatory for transaction codes defined for this routine. Blank means NO.