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Table translation file enquiry (ASGD3241)

This panel displays a listing of translated key values in those tables containing values regarding external documents, such as terms of payment, terms of delivery etc.

The translated values are used when printing external documents, to get correct language for the key values. In the Business partner file the user defines in what language the customers’ and suppliers’ external documents are to be printed.

Selection fields

Table translation file enquiry (ASGD3243)

Table file
Displays the table file name which contains the translated key values. SROCTLSE is an example of a table file name, in this case the Currency table.
Table key value
Displays the table key value. DEM is an example of a table key value in the Currency table.
Displays the table field name. CTCNAM is an example of a table field name, in this case in the Currency table.
Displays the language code from the Language table, of the translated key value.
Table text
Displays the translated text of the key value.