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Work with requests and returns, Order creation (HLR03101)

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This panel is used to add information to the order that will be created by the action.

Orders are created per BPR action, i.e. if different actions are defined on the request lines, then the system will process different orders for these regardless of the sales order type. The order creation process is driven by the number of actions that are defined and not the sales order type.

Function keys

Display lines to create View all of the lines that will be added to this order.

Business partner
Order type
Displays the order type to be used when the action automatically processes this sales, service or purchase orders. This value is defaulted from the Action table.
Requested disp date

Enter the warehouse in which the item is stocked.

Cost centre
Enter the cost centre.
Calculate disp date
Indicate if the system should calculate the dispatch date during order creation.
Maintain new order
Set this field to YES to allow the order to be maintained once it is created. Set to NO to prevent the order from being updated once it has been created.

Work with requests and returns, Order creation (HLR03102)

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On this panel the lines (that will be added to your order) are displayed at the detail level.

Displays the action number and description.
Displays the request line number.

Displays the quantity.