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Invoice enquiry, All credit cards (OSMD22201)

Information is displayed on this panel when your customers settle their invoices with credit cards. Note: If several entries are listed then it means that your customer has divided the payment across multiple credit cards.


Function keys

Settled charges/All credit cards Toggle settled charges and all credit card payments that have been made by this customer.

Selection fields

Invoice number
Displays the number of the invoice, i.e. the number that identifies this transaction.
Invoice date
Displays the date of the invoice.

Invoice enquiry, Credit card (OSMD22204)

This panel displays detail level information about the credit card transaction.

Order number
Displays the Sales/Service order number corresponding to the invoice.
This field is used in cases when multiple credit cards, cheques, or a combination of these are used to settle a payment. Displays a sequence number specifying the order of the payment.
Displays a code from the Credit card table indicating the credit card used (e.g., AMEX, VISA).
Card number
Displays the customer’s credit card number. Only the last four digits are displayed while the rest is masked with asterisks.
Valid from date
Displays the valid from date of the credit card.
Expiration date
Displays the expiry date of the credit card.
Card holder
Displays the name of the credit card holder.
Card address
Displays the code that identifies the customer’s address as defined in the Business partner file maintenance, Address file panel (GDMD0041).
Postal code
Displays the customer’s postal code.
Displays the amount of the transaction.
Displays the authorisation code.
Expiration date
Displays the expiry date of the authorisation.