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Payment cost code table maintenance (BEFD0401)


The codes for the payment costs are predefined by the banks. A payment cost code indicates who will be paying the cost that is involved with the payment. This code can be set on supplier/bank level and is used in the proposal creation, maintenance and processing.

This panel displays the existing payment cost codes. You can add new and maintain existing codes.


Selection fields

This column lists the existing payment cost codes.
This column lists the descriptions of the existing payment cost codes.
Def code
Indicates if the related payment cost code is the default code to be used.

Payment cost code table maintenance (BEFD0404)

On this panel you add a new payment cost code or maintain an existing code.

Payment cost code
Enter a unique code to identify the payment cost code that you are adding.
Enter a description of the payment cost code.
Default code
Indicate if this payment cost code should be used as the default. The payment cost code is mandatory in DC1. The default payment cost code is used if a code is not manually defined by the user.