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Functions in function list – DMR11001

This table outlines the functions that can be accessed from the function list in the Time axis enquiry panel.

Function list

Shift between planning time Toggle between using the planned time or the production time as the planning time in the time axis. An asterisk is displayed next to the Plan time or Prod time field denoting the current view.

Note: This function key is only displayed if DC1 Manufacturing is installed and activated in the company in which you are working, and if the item type is 1 (End item) or 2 (Sub-assembly).

Display item View information from the Item file.
Warehouse balance enquiry Access the Warehouse balance enquiry for this item.
Inventory contract balance This function key is only displayed if the DC1 Contract Managed Inventory (CMI) application is activated and an item was entered that is connected to an inventory contract. Access the inventory contract balance enquiry for this item where you can view the balances for all inventory contract lines, per inventory contract, regardless of the status, available quantity, start and end dates.