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The following describes how to enter text on the Edit text panel. As an example, you will add text to a sales order line.

  1. Select a sales order line on the Work with sales orders, Order lines panel and click Text.
  2. You access Edit text, Sales order line. The following fields are displayed:
  3. Order
    The order number.
    Text set
    The number of the text set.
    The line number.
    Displays the selected function. When you access the Edit text panel, it displays Edit.

    Note: The number and names of the fields differ depending on from where you accessed the panel. This is defined in Work with document types.

    Place the cursor on a line and enter the desired text. Click OK to save and exit. You return to the previous panel where the information entered on text line 1 and 2 is shown below the order line number, and column Txt (if activated) is updated with a checkmark denoting that text exists for the line.

    Note: If you click Back to return to the previous panel, then the system will ask if you want to save your changes.

Related topics