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Account movement, Proposal creation (AACD4821)

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On this panel you state the selection criteria for the assets to be included in the proposal. For an update proposal, no selection is valid, but all assets where account movements have occurred are included.


  • Asset type
  • Asset group
  • Asset account group
  • Asset number
  • Cost centre
  • Project
Enter a description for the account movement proposal.
Cost centre sequence
Indicate if the control list should be printed in cost centre sequence.
Work proposal
NO is defaulted to indicate that this will be an update proposal. Set to YES if you want to create a work proposal to simulate account movements before update.
Print control list
Indicate if a control list should be printed for the created proposal.
Movement for
Set to YES for the account movement types that you want to include in the proposal, i.e. for acquisition movements and external depreciation type balance movements.